Like That Could Ever Happen to a Man

Within our country about 1 in 5 women have experienced sexual assault* at one point in their lives, and about 1 about 4 women die every day** due to intimate partner violence. Sure, there exist many programs that advocate for women’s protection, empowerment, and self-defense, but we shouldn’t have to teach women to defend themselves; Women are not the ones engaging in a crime here. We should be telling men not to rape.

It’s a bit of a “duh” statement, but the fact remains that women deal with harassment, aggression, and dominance by men. The tricky situation here is: how do we get men to realize this?

Men walk through this world differently than Women:

Men don’t have to consider if their clothes are “too modest” or “too revealing.”

Men don’t go through the same anxiety when walking through the parking lot late at night.

Men aren’t the ones being drugged at the club or on dates.

Men clearly have unspoken privilege that women don’t.

And I realize that there may have been instances where men may have experienced assault, victimization, or some treatment by women, but the fact remains that these negative experiences are shared too frequently by women. If this situation were to be the reverse, our society would look a little like this.

Here’s ri8va powerful, in-your-face depiction of a world where one gender dominates the
other. An alleyway scene sparks the idea that men can be victims of sexual
assault, and while one may feel sympathy for the way he was treated in the
police station, it is important to note that this experience is representative
of many women who have survived sexual assault.

April is coming up, which brings with it National Sexual Assault Awareness Month and our annual event from the Gender & Sexuality Resource Center: Take Back the Night. Contact us to learn more about this event that raises awareness around sexual violence and commemorates those who’ve lost their lives due to assault. * **


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