Happy Post-Apocalypse Everybody!

I’m glad to see you all made it!

It’s a quiet Friday here at the CCC as everyone is leaving to celebrate the break. So in lieu of a typical review post I would just like to take a moment and talk about the holidays.

Whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, or just some well-deserved time off, please remember what really matters.

Yes, it’s the ultimate message of every holiday movie you are likely to catch on TV this week but it’s worth being repeated. Maybe there’s an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, maybe there’s an older sibling you’re mad at, maybe there’s a parent you have trouble talking to. Let us keep in mind that a new year is coming soon, brimming with new possibilities and experiences. Don’t carry any negative feelings with you, leave them behind. Let no lingering conflict remain unresolved. Tell the people in your life that you love them, even if it is difficult, embarrassing, or out of character for you. Forgive and forget and think of all the things that you are grateful for whether it is good health, people who care about you, a wonderful meal, a great book you just read, etc.holding_hands

Hold your loved ones close and tell them what they really mean to you. Let no important words go unspoken. Try a new hobby, make a new friend, and watch a movie you’ve been putting off, just live your life to the fullest and most importantly be kind and patient with everyone you meet for we all have the same struggles.

Enjoy the break and I’ll see all back here same place and same time next year!


Film Focus: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

Seeking-A-Friend-For-The-End-Of-The-World-by-Rob-Simonsen-Jonathan-Sadoff-The-End-2012Riots, orgies, suicides, making up for lost time, and mass exodus. This is what everyone turns to in light of the news that an impending meteor strike will eliminate all life on Earth in three weeks’ time.

Everyone that is, except Dodge Peterson. After his wife, literally, runs off, Dodge continues to commute every day to his job as an insurance salesman. He is disillusioned with his entire life and finds he has no one and nothing to turn to. Dodge soon encounters Penny, who is distraught after missing her last chance to fly home to her family. After discovering a lost letter from his first love, Dodge and Penny set out on a road trip, each looking to spend their last days with people they love. They encounter interesting characters and are delayed for numerous inane reasons along the way; meanwhile Penny and Dodge find comfort in each other.

This film turned out to be a lot better than I thought it would be. It was funny and thought provoking at the same time with a good share of solemn moments. The actors do a great job of conveying all the emotions that they are dealing with. It is formulaic in a lot of ways but succeeds as a lighthearted, feel good movie (as much as a movie about the end of the world can be anyway).

4/5 Stars

So with the Mayan apocalypse soon to be upon us and the world ending and all what would you do, where would you go, and who would you see?

Into The Wild: The Story of Alexander Supertramp

In 1990, Christopher Johnson MCcandless graduated with high honors from Emory University in Atlanta. Two years later, hunters would stumble upon his corpse in the Alaskan wilderness. Jon Krakauer’s non-fiction novel, Into The Wild, follows Chris’s journey and the revolving cast of characters that both touched and were touched by him. The novel is not chronological and instead bounces back and forth in time and between narratives. Christopher’s life story is gathered piecemeal from his family, friends, and the numerous people he met while traveling across the country under the alias of Alexander Supertramp.220px-Into-the-wild

In one sense Chris is a deeply idealistic and charismatic young man who strikes out to escape the fraught capitalistic society that has always confined him.  In another sense, he is a reckless, angry, and selfish son who runs away from his family without a word. He definitely leaves an impression on all who cross his path. And while the novel left me with mixed feelings about Chris, and there is something eminently relatable about him.

There is a bit of Chris MCcandless in all of us, from the way we all to seek to be a part something greater than ourselves, to the petulant desire to run away and start over someplace new, to the tension we sometimes have with the people who love us most, and to the journey we all make as we try to find our fit in this vast world around us.

At the end of the novel, Chris seems to have at least figured some of this out. During his last days, he inscribes on a page of his favorite novel: “happiness only real when shared”.

3/5 Stars

FINALS WEEK: Reduce that stress to past the test!


As we all know, it’s finals week! The 11th week of school where students are walking through campus stressed, flash cards in hand, a cup of coffee, and tons of anxiety! (And if you’re an all star student with no stress and you have no worries about finals then help tutor someone BIG SHOT!) However, if you are a student with loads of stress, thinking your life is over, don’t worry the Cross Cultural Centers has you covered! Here are some test taking tips that are sure to help you reduce all of that anxiety so you can ace your finals! (Of course for these tips to work you need to know the material covered in class. We’re not wizards you know!) So for all of you stressed sleep-deprived students out there here’s some help!


Show up to class early so you won’t have to worry about being late, that creates anxiety!

Write down important formulas, facts, definitions and/or keywords in the margin so you won’t forget them later.

Stay relaxed, if you begin to get nervous take a few deep breaths slowly to relax yourself and then go back to work.

Do the simple questions first to help build your confidence for the harder questions.

Focus on the question at hand, PLEASE do not let your mind wonder, it’s harder to stay focused.

Chew gum (if allowed) to reduce anxiety while taking the test.

And STAY POSITIVE! If you believe it, you will achieve it!