CCC in the Summer 2012

   For the CCC, the Summer is usually a time dedicated to the planning, organizing and strategizing of our many events for Fall Quarter at CSULA. However in addition to planning, this Summer we are hosting events! If you’re taking classes this Summer or just plain miss us, please stop by! Heres a look at our Summer Calendar.

Tuesday, July 10 at 12 noon – Performing the Border(CLSRC Film & Discussion)

   The award-winning documentary, Performing the Border, investigates the growing feminization of the global economy and its impact on Mexican women living and working in Ciudad Juarez, near the Mexico – U.S. border. The video explores the sexualization of the expression of female desires in the entertainment industry, and sexual violence in the public sphere. A short discussion will follow. Directed by Ursula Biemann, 1999, 42 minutes.

Wednesday, July 11 at 3:00 pm – Miss Representation(GSRC Film & Discussion)

   Women, media, politics, and power are themes explored in the critically-acclaimed film, Miss Representation. The film explores how mainstream media contribute to the underrepresentation of women in positions of power and influence in the United States. Directed by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, 2011, 90 minutes.

Tuesday, July 17 at 3:15 pm – Good Hair(PASRC Film & Discussion)

   This eye-opening film focues on African American women’s hair and the multi-billion dollar Black hair care industry, and includes visits to beauty salons, barbershops, Black hair conventions, scientific laboratories, and India, where many hair weaves and hair extensions originate. Directed by Jeff Stilson, 2009, 96 minutes.

Wednesday, July 25 at 3:15 pm – For the Bible Tells Me So(GSRC Film & Discussion)

   This thought-provoking and entertaining documentary brilliantly explores the experiences of five very average, very Christian, very American families, and how insightful poeple of faith handle the realization they have gay children. Film followed by a discussion. Directed by Daniel Karslake, 2007, 97 minutes.

Wednesday, August 1 at 12 noon – The Bubble(APISRC Film & Discussion)

   The Bubble follows a group of young friends in Tel Aviv, a city thought to be peaceful despite its surrounding turmoil, who wish to have a political action and “rave against the occupation.” Short discussion will follow the film. Directed by Eytan Fox, 2006, 117 minutes.

Tuesday, August 7 at 12 noon – What Would You Do If?(CCC Discussion)

The CCC Staff at U-Awards

Join us for an afternoon of advice and life lessons from the staff of the Cross Cultual Centers. Whether it’s love and relationships, friends and relatives, or just getting your life together, we’ll share our candid and real thoughts with you… and through a cultural, gender, and class conscious lens. Drop an anonymous question or situation into the box, and let the fun begin!