Black Talk

Unite. Discuss. Learn. Grow.

Ding! Ding! The sound of the bell. Now they’re off! No, this is not a heavy weight fight (well sort of) this is the “Black Talk” event discussing the various issues plaguing the Black community. The event occurred Thursday, October 20, 2011 in the L.A. Room on the third floor of the University-Student Union. The event was so good it went over the scheduled ending time. The topics discussed were “Is Obama getting a bad rap, because he’s Black?”, “The usage of the N – word”, “Is it right to call someone an Oreo?”, “Are you for or against the death penalty?” and white female rappers Kreshawn and V – nasty “adopting” Hip Hop


As you could see from some of the topic names it was very controversial and very juicy. However, there was an underlining message involved throughout the event, which the attendees realized as the event was going on. That is, people received the opportunity to be informed about Black History, had a chance to experience black people in a different light, and have a good time while doing it, meanwhile having the opportunity to make new friends. It was a great event and it’s an event that never gets old. There will be another one in the near future

and if you missed this one, you do not want to miss the next one.

To find out more information about the next “Black Talk” event or any other black events on campus call the Cross Cultural Centers at (323) 343-5001 and ask to speak to program coordinator Starlet Barnes or programs coordinator Rhonda Mitchell. Also look to get involved with the Black Student Association (BSA) who meets every other Thursday in the

Pan African Resource Center located in the Cross Cultural Centers at 3:15pm.



                                   The Expression of Life Through Passionate Music


          The extremely talented India.Arie blew the audience away during her pivotal performance at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex on Thursday, October 13, 2011! She brought along a musical pioneer known as Idan Raichel. He is a highly known Israeli superstar with such an alluring voice that inspires many who get the pleasant opportunity to listen to his vocals. The crowd was beautifully diverse and culturally dispersed throughout the concert. India introduced a new song from her album titled “Sixth Avenue” which brought the audience to their feet swaying their hips back and forth to the melody. The most intriguing part of the entire concert was the duet between India and Idan as the two sang in unison. India broadcasted her talents as she joined Idan Raichel in soothing harmonies that displayed her vocal abilities. India.Arie surprised the audience as she gracefully sang in Hebrew alongside Idan Raichel. India. Arie is such a burst of fresh air; she exudes confidence throughout her dance moves and her strong vocal range. “Open Door” is the new project that India.Arie joined forces with Idan Raichel to make music that is healing to the soul. Her music was not only relevant, but consumed with hope. This was the best concert of my life and I will forever have these memories to look back on for inspiration. I shed a few tears as she sang her popular hit song “I am Ready For Love.” The way her voice hit those high and low notes was incredibly mind blowing! Her band members rocked the stage and the music was heartfelt! With a global audience, India.Arie + Idan Raichel proved to the entire audience that dreams do come alive as they came back onto the stage after a raging ENCORE!!

Chillin N’ Grillin

Great Laughs, Delicious Food, Social Connections

       Have you ever smelled food so delicious, it made your mouth water?! The fresh aroma of grilled jumbo turkey dogs, and beef burgers pleasantly gave me a craving for some hot food off of the grill! Chillin N’ Grillin With The PASRC took place on Thursday, October13, 2011 right outside of the University Student- Union Plaza. CSULA students got their game faces on as they played dominoes and card games together while jamming out to the hottest hits on the radio. The atmosphere was fun and light hearted as many people enjoyed good food and great stories. The sunshine shined bright but not brighter than the CSULA students’ smiles at our Chillin N’ Grillin event! This was a great opportunity to mingle even ifwhether you were taken or perhaps single. Old and new friends ate together in unity. It was beautiful to see others relate and have fun while on campus. This was the first event to kick off the Fall Quarter for the Pan African Student Resource Center’s Program Coordinator Starlet Barnes. The crowd was large and filled with vibrant energy that lifted the campus spirit. This event allowed students to socially connect and play games with each other in a jovial setting. This was a sold out event with great food, cool games and positive energy that filled the air .
       If you would like to learn more about the services and resources the PASRC has to offer, you can call (323)343-5131 and ask to speak with program coordinator Starlet Barnes!


Convivio at the CLSRC

I like to think I know everything about everything. As it turns out, I didn’t know what a convivio was! Laura Tejeda, our student program coordinator for the CLSRC, described convivios as a gathering of friends and/or family in which the people involved share the current happenings of their lives (food is usually involved). Her definition certainly rang true for the turn out of the event. On Wednesday, October 12, dozens of students crowded in the CLSRC as Laura gave a brief introduction of the center and its Fall 2011 event season. Afterwards we went around the room and shared a little bit about ourselves, just like a REAL convivio! As we shared and listened to stories, we were tortured by the sensational aroma of tortas! That’s right, tortas!  There were so many students eagerly waiting to devour the tortas that we were afraid there wouldn’t be enough! I decided to take one for the team and pass on the tortas but I’m sure they were delicious. Laura did a wonderful job hosting her first event of the CLSRC’s Fall event season. Our convivio at the CCC reminded me of Sunday dinner at my grandparent’s house. I’ve been having convivios with my family my entire life and I wasn’t even aware.

Network, Learn, Grow

“Hey! Do you know any gay people on campus?” happened on Thursday, October 06, 2011 in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC). This was the first event for program coordinator Chaz Ashley to start off the Fall Quarter. The event was a social mixer for the LGBTQ (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Queer or Questioning students to come together to meet and learn more information about The Queer Connection (TQC). TQC is a club on campus that advocates and promotes the LGBTQ community as well as encourages LGBTQ students to graduate and reach their full potential attending Cal State L.A.

TQC meets every Thursday at 3:15pm in the GSRC or the Monterey Park Room. Also, if you want more information on the GSRC, call (323) 343-5001 and ask for program coordinators Chaz Ashley, Lupe Mejia or Denise Carlos who is the full-time coordinator for the GSRC. The event was full to capacity, full of networking opportunities, camaraderie and most of all, it was fun.

Bobalicious was delicious

It’s Bobalicious Time was the first event to open the Fall Quarter for the Asian Pacific Islander Resource Center (API) and also the first event for the new program coordinator, Li Carithers. The event occurred Wednesday, October 5 in the API center and it was a social mixer served with Asian cuisine crackers and Boba drinks. Boba are small, chewable pieces of tapioca that go in the bottom of your drink that you can choose to eat while you’re enjoying your drink. After the drinks were served, students got a chance to mingle and network with Li and other fellow students, as well as, receive a brief introduction to the API center and talk with Li. The event had a good turnout and the students really enjoyed the boba drinks.

A packed room, lines ending at the entrance, and people walking in and out to enjoy good refreshments, while getting cultured in Asian Pacific heritage is always a recipe for success. If you would to like to know about other events the Asian Pacific Islander resource center is hosting, please feel free to contact the Cross Cultural Centers at (323) 343- 5001 and ask for